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Happy PAWS Haven, Inc. Spay/Neuter Fund

to the Spay/Neuter Fund

 WOOFstock is our first attempt to raise money for the Happy PAWS Haven, Inc., Spay/Neuter Fund.  This is the seed money we will use to provide a badly needed Spay/Neuter program for the residents of Marshall County, Alabama.  We all know someone that has dogs and cats that continue to have litters of puppies and kittens that probably can’t afford to spay or neuter all the animals they have.  After the dogs and cats are born they find themselves in a position where they have to find homes for all these animals or take more extreme measures to “get rid of” the unwanted babies.  We believe this program will help these people to find a way out of this cycle of the unwanted birth of companion animals and sometimes, unnecessary death. 

 The Spay/Neuter program will be made available to all residents of Marshall County that can prove residency in the county.  This is an honor system in a way – please don’t bring your sister or father’s dogs that live in another county  in to get “fixed” and say they are yours.  We will concentrate on the most needy cases first – those people with multiple animals that continue to birth multiple litters.  As the fund grows through the generous donations of people like yourself, we will open the program to all in need.  The number of dogs and cats we can spay or neuter depends on how much money we have in the bank.

 The fund will be available to the public at large after January 1, 2008.  Eligible participants will be responsible to pay a “co-pay” amount that is yet to be determined, but will be affordable, at the time the dog or cat is scheduled for its surgery.  The spay/neuter fund will compensate the participating veterinarian for the difference between the co-pay amount and the veterinarian’s actual pre-determined fee for the spay/neuter surgery.  Any additional charges required by the veterinarian are the responsibility of the patient’s owner.  Additional charges will probably include a rabies vaccination, worm control, flea and tick control, boarding charges, and any other service provided by the veterinarian that is agreed upon prior to the surgery by the dog or cat owner.

 Our original intent and ongoing intent is centered around starting the spay/neuter program, organizing it, directing it and managing the processes until such time as it can be set up as its own IRS approved 501c3 organization, at which time Happy PAWS Haven, Inc. will separate our involvement from the fund to a certain extent.  A Board of Directors for the Fund is being assembled and the members will be announced after November 1, 2007.  This Board will provide oversight of the Fund and recommend policy and legal determinations.  It will not have operational or management responsibilities for the Fund. Operational and management functions will be provided by Happy PAWS Haven, Inc.

We are organizing this fund and program under the auspices of our IRS approved 501c3 designation so that we may better negotiate pricing for a number of things and so that services may be donated and the donors receive a tax-deductible donation receipt for their income tax purposes.  Our tax deductible EIN number is 72-1519078.

 All veterinarians in Marshall County may not be interested in interacting with the spay/neuter program, however, a list of participating veterinarians will be published prior to January 1, 2008.  If necessary we will arrange for a mobile spay/neuter clinic to service Marshall County.  Additionally, we will contact the Auburn Veterinary College to enlist the aid of veterinary students (if an arrangement can be made) to assist in providing surgical services under the supervision of a qualified veterinarian.

 The AVMA (Alabama Veterinary Medical Association) board will meet November 4th to discuss the availability of the AVMA to handle accounts payable to participating veterinarians from the fund.  They are already providing this service for groups in several counties in Alabama.  If they choose not to handle the accounts payable responsibility then we will contract with an independent accountant/CPA to provide the service.  This service is necessary to provide separation of Happy PAWS Haven, Inc. from the Happy PAWS Haven, Inc. Spay/Neuter Fund.

 The Happy PAWS Haven, Inc. Spay/Neuter Fund will be established in an interest bearing account in a reputable financial institution.  Donations can be made directly into the Fund or by sending a check or money order to: The Happy PAWS Haven, Inc. Spay/Neuter Fund, c/o Happy PAWS Haven, Inc., 59 Granada Road, Arab, Alabama 35016.  The financial institution of record for the Fund will be announced by November 15, 2007. 

 Thank you for your participation in this effort to reduce the number of unwanted companion animals in our community.  The overpopulation of dogs and cats has reached an epidemic level in Marshall County.  The number of adoptable dogs and cats taken to municipal and county animal intake shelters has increased dramatically and so has the number of dogs and cats euthanized.  As a community we believe that we all agree that this is unacceptable and must change.  This is the first step to the change that is necessary and that is coming to Marshall County with regard to the protection of dogs and cats and the provide relief to the owners of companion animals as well.

 For further information please contact:
David Harvey, Business Manager
Happy PAWS Haven, Inc.
Office hours are 10 am to 6 pm Monday, 10 am to 2 pm Saturday and we are closed Sunday

 to the Spay/Neuter Fund

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